50 Clubs Sawted!

50 golf clubs in the UK and Ireland now benefit from Sawted’s tee-time reminder system, many sponsored by TaylorMade. The system is fully automatic and works with tee sheets and competition sheets various back office systems.

“It’s a great way to get our golfers to the tee on time” enthuses Stuart Turner, General Manager at South Herts Golf Club. “We have been running Sawted for over a year and my golfers just take it for granted.”

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TaylorMade Sponsoring Sawted Tee Time Reminder Service for Golfers.

TaylorMade has joined forces with Sawted to provide Tee Time SMS reminders to golfers on the day before they are due to play golf. The service is similar to ones provided by GP practices, dentists, opticians and the NHS to remind people of their appointments. Text messages are sent directly to mobile phones which eliminates the chore of sifting through emails.

Golfers love the service saying things like “I can’t express enough how useful it is, especially when you have booked a few days in advance. It is also great for competition times. I don’t have to hunt for my time, it’s just sent to my phone.”

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Over 10 000 tee time reminders sent in July

Sawted sent over 10 000 Tee Time SMS reminders in July. The momentum is picking up with new clubs signing up all the time. Members love receiving their tee time reminders and clubs have reported a decrease in no-shows. Clubs can also send SMS messages to golfers on today or tomorrow’s tee sheet, or to specific groups of golfers. Enhanced Communications Sawted!

Windlesham Golf Club signs up to SAWTED

SAWTED is pleased to announce that after a year of successful operation in South Africa, it has secured its first UK Golf Club. Windlesham Golf Club in Surrey signed up to the SAWTED service in December 2014. Using the Jonas Tee-Sheet, the club sends out a Text Message to every golfer on the following days tee-sheet reminding them of their tee-time and tee-number.

Stewart Judd, General Manager at Windlesham say “The members just love the reminders. It saves them having to check on the website, and gives them something to talk about to the Pro in the Shop. This has really improved ‘Customer Service’ at the Club, and we are currently extending the facility to let our golfers know their competition tee-times from HandicapMaster. In these days of heightened competition, improving customer service is at the very top of our priority list. So, to find a free service that works so well is just a great help.”

For more information contact Paul at paul@sawted.com