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An illustrious past

SAWTED has operated in South Africa for many years and been involved with Golf Clubs since 2011 when it launched its first Tee-Time reminder service to Jonas client clubs.

In 2014 SAWTED came to an arrangement with TaylorMade to sponsor all golf related text messages from the Clubs in South Africa to their Members for FREE on the basis that TaylorMade could add a sponsorship message to the end of each text message sent.

This service was launched in the United Kingdom in early 2015, with Windlesham Golf Club. Over 60 clubs in the UK are Sawted, and TaylorMade sponsors the Tee Time SMS reminders in the UK!

This is what Kevin Whitehouse, secretary at Mid Herts Golf Club has to say “I am so pleased with this service not only for my members but also for our visitors to the golf club, the members of the club really appreciate the text reminder, it has prevented so many no shows for tee times which in turn helps me control our tee booking sheet. I would highly recommend this service for any golf club, such a great benefit.
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TaylorMade with Sawted TaylorMade with Sawted

Dave Myers founded SAWTED in 2011. His background in mobile communication, advertising, the internet and its services allowed him to bring these technologies together under the strapline “Converging Digital Technologies”.

Paul Mainstone has been actively developing and supplying technology to UK golf clubs since 1993. He works closely with a number of technology providers so that SAWTED is able to offer its services through golf clubs to their members in the UK. Paul is currently doing his bachelors degree in Cyber Security.