phonex1aBenefits to the club:

  • The system is fully automated so no one at the club has an extra task.
  • Reminders are sent directly to golfers mobile devices.
  • Fewer no-shows which results in greater revenue for the club.
  • Fewer calls to the club to confirm tee times, which means that staff can focus on other tasks.
  • Replies to reminders are send via email back to the club.
  • Members update their mobile phone numbers so they can receive reminders from the club.
  • Reminders are always sent from the same mobile number so members know exactly who the message is from.
  • If the course is closed or play delayed a bulk SMS can be sent to golfers on the start sheet giving them a status update.
  • If the club stocks the sponsors’ products then the service is FREE to the club, if we can tag the reminder with the sponsors’ message.
  • Tabby small 2016-06-28 16.59.13Benefits to golfers:

    • Reminders go directly to their mobile device regardless of type. No need to search for tee-times.
    • Golfers know exactly what time and tee they are playing from. This speeds up play.
    • Golfers love receiving the reminders and golfers can reply “STOP” if they don’t want the service.
    • Visitors view the reminder as a confirmation and feel welcome at the club knowing they are expected.

    proshopBenefits to the Professional Shop:

    • Frees up staff to do their job and increases Pro-shop sales.
    • Golfers get product information about the sponsors’ products so can ask for the product by name in the Pro-Shop.


    • Opt-out levels are less than 1.5%
    • More mobile numbers have been added or updated than members have opted-out.