How Sawted Works

Send FREE automated Tee Time SMS reminders to your members and visitors from your tee booking system or competition entry system!

Our software is running in numerous golf clubs in the UK and Ireland. If you would like a reference, please contact us and we’ll happily provide one.

  • SMS are sent from a unique number, so members know where the SMS originates and they have the option to opt out or reply to the SMSs received.
  • To opt out, a member simply replies STOP to any SMS and they will be excluded from any future SMSs from the club. Your members’ data will also not be lent, sold or hired to any third party. This is in full compliance with the U.K Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations and GDRP. Click here to see our Data Protection Statement
  • Tee Time Reminders are sent the day before a golfer tees off.
  • A typical reminder will read: “Hi <NAME>, you are teeing off at <CLUB> from the <TEE> at <TIME> tomorrow (<DATE>). <SPONSORS MESSAGE>
  • There is also an option to send a manual SMS to members on your tee sheet to warn them if the course is closed due to heavy snow, flooding etc. This message will only be sent to members on that day’s tee sheet. (It can be sent to today’s golfers or tomorrow’s golfers). Please note that these messages are not covered by the sponsor and are billed at 0.4p each
  • If a member replies to a SMS it is routed back to the club via email.

We have entered into an agreement with TaylorMade in the UK to sponsor the Tee Time reminders. You, therefore, get this facility FREE of charge, if you stock TaylorMade products in your Pro Shop. In return, TaylorMade has a tag at the end of each tee timer reminder. Our philosophy is to drive members into the on Club’s Pro Shop to purchase the sponsors products.


  • Our secure servers sit in the cloud, this means that no physical installation at the club is required.
  • For clubs using BRS we need to install software on a local PC.


If you would prefer to use the Reminder system without the sponsorship tag option, There is an annual license and support fee of £240. Tee Time reminder SMSs are FREE, but SMS sent manually by yourself to the tee sheet are charged at 5p each. SMSs will be billed for in arrears, so no need to buy credits up front.

Special Offer: We will give you a 1 month no obligation trial with sponsored SMSs. We’ll only charge you the annual license and support fee after the 3rd month if you wish to continue using the software.