What’s in a password?

The bad guys are using ever more sophisticated means to get your login credentials to access your personal information and gain access to the club’s data. Yes, there are still thousands of immediately recognisable phishing emails used by amateur criminals. But, the clever criminals are now carefully researching us and then targeting us with highly plausible ‘spear phishing’ emails tricking even the most cautious of us to click on a malicious email link. The recent Human Cyber Awareness survey has highlighted that managers generally consider themselves cyber aware, yet 75% do not have a cybersecurity policy and over 90% rely on the club’s hardware and software suppliers to protect them. What about all the other staff at the club who have access to the club’s systems? We are all fallible and can click on a malicious email link. Phishing emails either take us to an authentic-looking login page for the site we think we wish to log into or download malware onto our computers which may then spread throughout the club. Either way, the results are good for criminals but not for us.

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How are your defences against spear-phishing?

Let us look more closely at phishing or, more specifically, spear-phishing, what it is and how the fraudsters trick you into clicking on a link or downloading an email attachment. Most common phishing attacks are blocked by your internet service providers, anti-virus software and software providers. But spear-phishing is a little different, and these emails are far more likely to evade your hardware and software defences and appear in your inbox. In case you think clubs are not a target, remember that you have both staff and many members, providing a broad attack surface.

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Are you or your club a target for a cyber attack?

Information security is probably not at the forefront of most people’s minds during this pandemic. However, the explosion of Internet usage caused by home working and ordering products and services online has offered many new opportunities to Internet fraudsters. At the same time, the reduced pressures from the course and clubhouse provide club managers with an excellent chance to consider how these potential threats may affect them and how they could be avoided.

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50 Clubs Sawted!

50 golf clubs in the UK and Ireland now benefit from Sawted’s tee-time reminder system, many sponsored by TaylorMade. The system is fully automatic and works with tee sheets and competition sheets various back office systems.

“It’s a great way to get our golfers to the tee on time” enthuses Stuart Turner, General Manager at South Herts Golf Club. “We have been running Sawted for over a year and my golfers just take it for granted.”

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TaylorMade Sponsoring Sawted Tee Time Reminder Service for Golfers.

TaylorMade has joined forces with Sawted to provide Tee Time SMS reminders to golfers on the day before they are due to play golf. The service is similar to ones provided by GP practices, dentists, opticians and the NHS to remind people of their appointments. Text messages are sent directly to mobile phones which eliminates the chore of sifting through emails.

Golfers love the service saying things like “I can’t express enough how useful it is, especially when you have booked a few days in advance. It is also great for competition times. I don’t have to hunt for my time, it’s just sent to my phone.”

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