50 Clubs Sawted!

50 golf clubs in the UK and Ireland now benefit from Sawted’s tee-time reminder system, many sponsored by TaylorMade. The system is fully automatic and works with tee sheets and competition sheets various back office systems.

“It’s a great way to get our golfers to the tee on time” enthuses Stuart Turner, General Manager at South Herts Golf Club. “We have been running Sawted for over a year and my golfers just take it for granted.”

The Sawted system sends SMS text reminders to golfers the day before they tee off. They are enjoying using the system with one golfer saying it is “Very helpful – old boys need memory backup”, and another adding “It is a really good service. I know already that I am teeing off but it reminds me of the time, which is great.” Golfers get the reminder as a text on their phones so it is easy to retrieve. It is especially useful for competition draws that take place close to a competition. And, if a golfer does not want to receive the reminder, a simple ‘STOP’ response is all that is needed.

It helps the Professional by reducing the number of people calling to check their booking, whilst increasing footfall in the Pro-shop. Matt Blackhurst, Professional at Eastham Lodge says “Sawted has helped me drive up sales, and my members think it’s great that I’m supporting them like this.”

TaylorMade joined forces with Sawted to cover the costs of the reminders sent from those clubs that stock TaylorMade TP5 golf balls. Clubs stocking TaylorMade balls get the service for free. Sawted is in discussion with other major golfing brands to invite them to cover the cost of reminders.

For more information about how to get Sawted, contact Dave Myers or Paul Mainstone at www.Sawted.com