Windlesham Golf Club signs up to SAWTED

SAWTED is pleased to announce that after a year of successful operation in South Africa, it has secured its first UK Golf Club. Windlesham Golf Club in Surrey signed up to the SAWTED service in December 2014. Using the Jonas Tee-Sheet, the club sends out a Text Message to every golfer on the following days tee-sheet reminding them of their tee-time and tee-number.

Stewart Judd, General Manager at Windlesham say “The members just love the reminders. It saves them having to check on the website, and gives them something to talk about to the Pro in the Shop. This has really improved ‘Customer Service’ at the Club, and we are currently extending the facility to let our golfers know their competition tee-times from HandicapMaster. In these days of heightened competition, improving customer service is at the very top of our priority list. So, to find a free service that works so well is just a great help.”

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